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What Are SCAQMD Regulations?

What Are SCAQMD Regulations?

South Coast Air Quality Management District rules

What Are SCAQMD Regulations?

What is SCAQMD?

Q: What is SCAQMD?

A: SCAQMD is the air pollution control agency for all of California's Orange County as well as the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernadino counties. The SCAQMD develops plans and regulations which serve as a blueprint to bring the area into overall compliance with the federal and state clean air standards. 

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What is SCAQMD?

SCAQMD Air Pollution Rules


Since 1977, SCAQMD has assumed a leadership position on regulating volatile organic compounds (VOC) in an effort to tackle area source emissions, including paint and coatings. They continue to have the most stringent VOC regulations in the nation. Rule 1113 is the rule limiting the VOC content of architectural and industrial maintenance coatings.

SCAQMD AIM Rule Exemptions

  • Small container exemption allows the sale of coatings above maximum VOC limits if packaged in containers of one liter or less for select coating categories, reference rule 1113.

  • SCAQMD typically includes a 3 year sell-through provision allowing the sale of coatings above the maximum VOC limits if manufactured prior to the effective data for rule changes.

For the most current information on the SCAQMD Rule 1113, please visit

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Flat 50
Non-Flat 50
Non-Flat High Gloss 50
Industrial Maintenance General 100
Industrial Maintenance High Temp 420
Primer 100
Quick Dry Primer 100
Specialty Primer 100
Quick Dry Enamel 50
Floor 50
Rust Preventative 100
Stains 100
Interior Wiping Stains 250
Dry Fog 50
Varnish 275
Waterproof - Wood 100
Waterproof - Concrete 100