Pasa Pucha Guthi UK, Reading

We are a non-profit organisation, we undertake activities to contribute to local communities, particularly the Newah: community living in Reading and surrounding areas.

Our Vision

Well integration of Newah community with British system for the overall improvements of lifestyles of Newah community and their children living in Reading and surrounding areas.

Become a life member

You can get involved today by becoming a life member. Sign up and you will be joining a group of people with Newah culture to promote and integrate Newah community in British system for overall improvement of lifestyle of Newah community. Please check our life member tab for more details.

Attend events

We will be hosting various Newah events throughout the year. Attending these events, will help the organisation. Also, you will be able to engage and learn more about Newah culture and tradition. Please view our Events tab to see our past and upcoming events. 

Recent Events

  • Kuchhi Bhoye 2078
    To all the members of PPG UK Reading,  Jojolapa,  I hope you are well and safe, enjoying this festive season this year. I would like to wish you all Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078 and may Lord Durga protect you and your family every step of the way. May she bring peace, happiness and prosperity toContinue reading “Kuchhi Bhoye 2078”
  • PPG UK COVID Relief Report
    PPG UK has released a comprehensive report about the COVID relief funds that were collected during this dire situation. This report details how the funds were utilised along with some highlights of the great support and collaboration of local volunteers in Nepal as well. We would like to thank all of the contributors for theirContinue reading “PPG UK COVID Relief Report”
  • COVID Relief Nepal : Bhaktapur Municipality
    Pasa Puchah Guthi UK Reading chapter had donated £1500 towards the COVID-19 Relief programme in Nepal. The fund was part of a larger donation of PPG UK as a single organisation that had plans to distribute it accordingly. The following letter is gratitude and confirmation of one of the donations made by PPG UK inContinue reading “COVID Relief Nepal : Bhaktapur Municipality”

Become a Volunteer

Enjoy Newah culture and be a part of it by volunteering in our events throughout the year.