Guthi Meeting 15/11/2020

The decision of the meeting:
The meeting on November 15, 2020, was conducted through Zoom. The following issues were discussed and decided in the meeting chaired by Ms Janaki Kayastha.

1. On the auspicious occasion of New Nepal Sambat 1141 and of Happy Diwali, good wishes were exchanged among all the members, and good wishes were exchanged.

2. It was decided to hold the annual general meeting of Guthi on 2nd January 2021. As the two-year term of the current working committee is coming to an end, it was decided to appoint a new working committee and appoint three former chairpersons.

3. The meeting decided to thank Mr Sudhanshu Malla for his hard work and dedication in updating Guthi’s website and Facebook.

1. Janaki Kayastha
2. Rajendra Shrestha
3. Sudarshan Shrestha
4. Ramesh Shrestha
5. Dibya Maharjan
6. Manjila Shrestha
7. Dr Santosh Pradhan
8. Shushma Shrestha
9. Shibaji Shrestha
10. Rozina Pradhan
11. Lakshman Shrestha
12. Bikram Shrestha
13. Nabin Shrestha
14. Ashwin Shrestha
15. Bina Shreshtha
16. Sashikala Shrestha
17. Sangeeta Shrestha
18. Neelam Shrestha
19. Yadav Shrestha

NB: Thanks to Mr Yadav Shrestha for creating these notes. For faster translation, text and translation recognition software was used.