Executive team 2021-23 First meeting PPG UK Reading

This post contains a summary of the report. To read the full report please visit here:

Executive team 2021-23 first meeting report

The first meeting by the new Executive committee 2021-23 of Pasa Phucha Guthi UK, Reading was conducted successfully on 10thJan 2021. The meeting took place via an online platform zoom with participants of over 20 people. The meeting agenda was as follows along with discussion and decision made. 

  1. Welcome 

The re-assigned president Miss Janaki Kayastha congratulated and welcome everyone for another 2-year tenure of PPG UK Reading and wished to have a successful year ahead. Along with that, advisors of the community shared their encouraging words and greeted the team. As most members of the team were from the previous tenure, she thanked all of them for a successful journey having achieved various milestones despite the COVID-19 restrictions. 

2. Planning of Annual Programme 


  • Create a plan/ timeline for regular events organised by the guthi 
  • Have an additional plan to do in case the current pandemic situation continues restricting everyone for a mass gathering 
  • Create a plan for an online webinar series involving Newari food/ recipe lessons, workshop related to technology/ software
  • Have dedicated online webinar sessions for the youngster to encourage them and expand the connections 
  • Create a form which includes how each member could benefit/ contribute toward the community based on their skill set. Eg. Health, Accounts, Finance, Law, Technology etc. 

3. The nomination of BOT Reps 

After careful observation and encouragement from all executive members following individuals were appointed to act as a representative of PPG UK Reading in BOT for the tenure. 

  • Janaki Kayastha 
  • Rajani Shrestha 
  • Sudhanshu Malla 
  • Bikram Shrestha 

4. Collaboration with BOT 

Required support and help will be provided for various webinars planned by the BOT. Further discussion about this will be made as the details follow from BOT. 

5. AOB   

5.1 AGM Report life membership 


It was decided to list the names of all of the life members individually on the official website of PPGUK Reading along with a couple photographs and names as the present. Likewise, it was decided youth above the age of 18 in a household of PPG UK Reading members to register or renew their membership by paying £10 for two years. This topic was decided in previous tenures but will go mainstream/ apply strictly under this presidency.

5.2 Increase communication and outreach 


Based on the interaction and advice from various members and advisors, we have decided to carry on with Viber as a platform now. Additionally, the messenger is considered to be a platform which can be used parallelly. If a new group is created in messenger, all executive members will receive an invitation and both groups will run in parallel. 

5.3 Candidacy fee 

Few advisors including Ramesh Shrestha, Yadav Shrestha and member Hina Shrestha (~ Bikram Shrestha) had commented to carry on with previous year’s rate for candidacy fee. 

5.4 Charity for the baby 

Being an extremely sensitive situation and critical issue, the topic was put forward by the president. She has presented the committee to discuss the opinion of PPGUK Reading to help the child with some funds. It was decided that while everyone could, and some have already contributed financially towards this noble cause PPGUK Reading as a community will not be moving forward for the donation. 

Finally, the meeting ended with these above decisions and wishing everyone and each other for yet another successful tenure and with a hope to achieve even more under this presidency team. The list of attendees are: 

  1. Janaki Kayastha 
  2. Díbya Maharjan 
  3. Rajani Shrestha 
  4. Sudhanshu Malla 
  5. Rajendra Shrestha
  6. Sudharsan Shrestha
  7. Apsara Shrestha
  8. Yadav Shrestha
  9. Neelam Shrestha
  10. Ramesh Shrestha
  11. Babi Shrestha
  12. Lalita Shrestha
  13. Navin Shrestha
  14. Shivaji Shrestha
  15. Dilli Shrestha
  16. Sangita Shrestha
  17. Bikram Shrestha
  18. Rosie Shrestha
  19. Santosh Pradhan 
  20. Sushma Pradhan
  21. Deepesh Shrestha
  22. Sazna Nakarmi
  23. Laxman Shrestha 
  24. Ramesh Shrestha
  25. Triratna Tuladhar