Executive team 2021-23 Second meeting PPG UK Reading

This post contains a summary of the report. To read the full report please visit here:

Executive team 2021-23 second meeting full report

The second meeting by the current Executive committee 2021-23 of Pasa Puchah Guthi, Reading was conducted successfully on 24th Jan 2021. The meeting took place via an online platform zoom with participants of over 20 people.The meeting agenda was as follows along with discussion and decision made. 

1. Newari Culinary Art Webinar

  • When: 7th Feb 2021, Sunday at 12:00 BST
  • Where: Zoom (details to follow)
  • Why Reading: Reading chapter has taken the responsibility regarding Newari food-related topic as per BOT
  • Life members of the Reading chapters were encouraged to pass on to these pieces of information to the youngster to have their presence during the webinar as well.

2. Who is who form? (Please read full report for more detail about the aims of this form)

  • We have updated the current form adding new fields for youngsters as well to fill it. It was made clear that every household member to fill in the form; not just one member of the family but one person one form. Once we find the form is filled by all of the members of the household of PPG UK Reading, then based on their consent, we shall make the relevant data accessible to the life members of the PPGUK Reading.
  • The committee agreed on to continue with a membership of young people above the age of 18 (i.e., starting 18 years and a day). This will be continued in an upcoming meeting.

3. Webinar by PPGUK London

This webinar will be a by PPGUK London regarding financial planning. The details are already shared through internal groups. Date of webinar: 6th Feb 2021

4. Meetings with other chapters

It was decided that PPGUK Reading will host a meeting to introduce themselves and exchange information with other chapter’s executive committee but further information to follow on this matter.

5. Dr Santosh Pradhan’s presentation in a webinar about Cancer awareness

Our respected life member of PPG UK Reading, Dr Santosh Pradhan is going to present about cancer awareness on 31st Jan 2021. It was put forward with the executive committee to raise awareness and importance of this webinar with the rest of the members as well.

6. AOB

  • The committee agreed on the send best wishes and congratulation to Mr Aswin Shrestha and Ms Manjila Shrestha in the happy occasion of the addition of a new member to the family.
  • Executive member Ms Hina Shrestha to be replaced by Mr Bikram Shrestha
  • Executive member Mr Dilli Shrestha to be replaced by Ms Sangita Shrestha

Finally, the meeting ended with the above decision and requesting every member of the household of PPGUK Reading to fill the who is who form. The list of attendees was:

  1. Janaki Kayastha
  2. Dibya Maharjan
  3. Rajani Shrestha
  4. Sudhanshu Malla
  5. Rajendra Shrestha
  6. Sudarshan Shrestha
  7. Apsara Shrestha
  8. Neelam Shrestha
  9. Yadav Shrestha
  10. Santosh Pradhan
  11. Sushma Pradhan
  12. Ramesh Shrestha
  13. Babi Shrestha
  14. Bikram Shrestha
  15. Dilli Shrestha
  16. Sangita Shrestha
  17. Ranjana Shrestha
  18. Sazana Nakarmi
  19. Ramesh Shrestha
  20. Bina Shrestha
  21. Rajshree Maharjan
  22. Nabin Shrestha