Newah Culinary Heritage webinar conducted by PPGUK Reading


This post contains a summary of the report. To read the full report please visit here:

Newah Culinary Heritage full report

Pasa Puchah Guthi UK, Reading in collaboration with Khanlhaa-Banlhaa has successfully conducted a webinar about Newah Culinary Heritage on 7th Feb 2021. The webinar had the presence of over 25 participants in zoom and more watching LIVE through the official Facebook page of PPG UK Reading. 

The program was hosted by Mr Sudhanshu Malla, Joint Secretary of PPGUK Reading with the support of Mr Ojesh Singh, PPG UK BOT President. The program began with welcoming words by Miss Janaki Kayastha and Mr Ojesh Singh. Shortly after that Mr Sugam Tamrakar started the presentation. Mr Tamrakar is a senior lecturer at AITM School of Hotel Management at IMI University Switzerland. He has undertaken his studies both in the UK and US. He has a passion for Newah authentic food and has a depth of knowledge in Newah Culinary Heritage.

Mr Tamarakar shared the knowledge and importance of our culinary heritage including Sisafusa, Jujudhau, Salicha, Choila, Yomari, Palu, haku musya, achar, bhuti, tho, Gwara mari, cohi, Hilasha, Khewo, Chaamari, Sapu micha, Khha go, Kwati and many more.  To watch the saved video of the LIVE stream please visit:

Likewise, Mr Tamrakar explained how a typical Newah feast takes places. He highlighted that it is mainly up to the host, background, occasion and availability of the material but a typical Newah feast would consist of following five phases: 

  1. Tucha 
  2. Cha Sara 
  3. Nee Sara/ Kwa Ghasa 
  4. Sho Sara 
  5. Pay Sara

Followed by the presentation, there was a Q & A session where many participants actively participated with their curious questions and comments. To name a few, Mr Sushil Prajapati (BOT General Secretary) Marilena Frisone (Newah culture enthusiast, an active member & contributor) and many more. Question from Facebook LIVE and zoom chat were also shared with Mr Tamrakar.

Finally, the webinar ended with short words from Miss Janaki Kayastha thanking Mr Tamrakar and all of the participants with a hopeful message to save our culture.  The ending remarks were made by Mr Sudhanshu Malla, again thanking Mr Tamrakar and everyone for being very attentive and interactive participants.

In future, PPGUK Reading plans to conduct series of webinars please follow us in Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date.