Executive team 2021-23 Third meeting PPG UK Reading

This post contains a summary of the report. To read the full report please visit here: Executive team 2021-23 third meeting report

The third meeting by the current Executive committee 2021-23 of Pasa Puchah Guthi, Reading was conducted successfully on 2nd May 2021. The meeting took place via an online platform Zoom. The meeting agenda was as follows along with discussion and decision made. 

1. Updates on the New BOT team:

  • PPGUK Reading members were brief about the new BOT with roles and expectation from PPG UK Reading.

2. Our upcoming events:

This were the ideas presented and will be confirmed in future.

  • Webinar about Financial importance and will
  • Webinar about Newah history, cultural origin
  • A series of talk events with personalities from PPG UK across all chapters
  • Family integration webinar
  • Webinar about Newah food like a LIVE tutorial
  • Webinar about the importance and activities for NRNA UK

3. NRNA membership:

The EC committee decided to encourage all members of PPG UK Reading to join NRNA UK for its importance. The importance and clarification of membership cards were presented by Yadav Shrestha and further clarified by Rojina Pradhan.

4. 5K Virtual run organised by PPG SE London UK

All of the PPGUK members were encouraged to participate in this activity. It was clarified that the sign-up fee for this event will eventually be added to PPG UK BOT’s fund after reducing the expenses.

Finally, the meeting ended with the above decision and requesting every member of the household of PPGUK Reading to take part in 5K virtual run and join in NRNA membership . The list of attendees was:

  1. Janaki Kayastha
  2. Dibya Maharjan
  3. Rajani Shrestha
  4. Sudhanshu Malla
  5. Rajendra Shrestha
  6. Sudarshan Shrestha
  7. Apsara Shrestha
  8. Yadav Shrestha
  9. Santosh Pradhan
  10. Sushma Pradhan
  11. Ramesh Shrestha
  12. Bikram Shrestha
  13. Dilli Shrestha
  14. Sangita Shrestha
  15. Ranjana Shrestha
  16. Sazana Nakarmi
  17. Nabin Shrestha
  18. Rojina Pradhan Rai