PASA PUCHAH GUTHI, Reading” (PPG/Reading) is a non-profit making charity organisation established in 2009, which undertakes activities to contribute to local communities, particularly the Newah: community living in Reading and surrounding areas. 

Goal: The PPG/Reading is established to preserve and promote Nepalese identity, Newah culture and language among its members uprooted from Nepal residing in Reading and surrounding areas. 

Area of operation: The PPG/Reading UK’s primary area of operation will be Reading, which includes the Borough of Wokingham and Basingstoke. The other area of operation can be extended as per requirement in the future. 


  1. To advance the education of the public on all aspect of Nepalese/ Newah: history and culture. 
  2. To promote the benefit of the PPG/Reading area by: 
    1. The advancement of education and training.
    2. The relief of poverty, sickness and distress. 
    3. The promotion of good health. 
    4. The provision of recreational facilities in the interest of social welfare with an object of improving their condition of life. 
    5. Preserving our culture for a new generation.