Newah Bhoye 2020 Hold off!!!


Based upon the meeting held on 15 March 2020, the executive community 2020/21 of PPG UK Reading has decided to hold off the Newah Bhoye 2020 due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With regards to health and safety risk it posed to human life and ongoing restriction from the UK government of mass gathering of people, we are taking this decision responsibly.

We hope all of our members would understand the situation and will aim to do their part to contribute to minimising the spread. So, we would like to request all to please stay indoors, follow the social distancing guideline of staying 2 meters apart, and wash your hands frequently with soapy water for at least 20 seconds.

We will update this matter in the near future. So for now #stay_indoors_stay_safe, #stay_indoors_save_lives

About Newah Bhoye

Every two years Newah community of UK, PPG UK organises Newah Bhoye and provides an opportunity to its branches to host them. This event is hosted to promote and aware people about Newah cultural food, recognition of Newari culture and tradition.

This year the opportunity was given to the Reading branch.

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Previous Newah bhoye

PPG UK has been organising Newah bhoye for several years. Most recently, Newah bhoye was conducted by PPG UK Plumstead in 2018.

These events provide a great opportunity to share excellency of traditional Newari cuisine, getting to know the community and let especially the younger generation know about our culture.