Our team

In order to achieve the goals of PPG/Reading and make alive and dynamic organisation, subcommittees. Our current executive team of 2021/22 and 2022/23 is led by Ms Janaki Kayastha.

Janaki Kayastha


Ms Kayastha was one of the founding members of PPG UK, Reading and has been playing a very important role to bring the organisation to its status quo. Before leading the PPG UK, Reading, she had volunteered as a treasurer, vice-chairperson and executive member for several years.

Díbya Maharjan


Mr Maharjan has been an executive member of PPG UK, Reading and always volunteered with an enthusiastic spirit to promote Newari culture and food in the Newah community in the UK.

Laxman Shrestha


Mr Shrestha has taken responsibility for the finances of this charitable organisation. Before this, he has been an executive member for several years and has contributed to management.

Rajani Shrestha

General secretary

Ms Shrestha is the current secretary of the organisation. She is an active member of PPG UK, Reading and had helped to promote Newari Cuisine in the community. She has been actively participating in different events and has been volunteering her time for Pasa Puchha Guthi, UK.

Sudhanshu Malla

Joint secretary

Mr Malla had been actively volunteering to update Guthi’s webpage and Facebook page. He has now taken the responsibility of the vice secretary.

Our Executive board

Our Advisory board