Who is who?

Dear Valued Members 
Jwajolopa ! 
Pasa Puchah Guthi UK – Reading (Guthi) is a Newah Community established aiming to preserve and promote Nepalese identity, Newah culture and language among its members uprooted from Nepal and residing in Reading and surrounding areas. We extend our solidarity helping each other; share both sorrow and joyful moments. We have registered life members from households. There are many more households of Newa Community in this region. We plan to include them in the Guthi through our extended services.  
In order to exchange support and better services, we are planning to maintain a record of members of our Newa community with their skills, professions which potentially be exchanged among members and get help. Therefore, we have developed a “Who is Who” form. We kindly request you to fill and submit the form. The data collected is only for the internal use of Guthi, it will NOT be published or shared with any other third parties. 

Your small support really does matter to strengthen our community. Thank you.  Likewise, each field is programmed to be pattern recognised. E.g. Facebook id needs to a personal URL. Incase of PPGUK Reading it is https://www.facebook.com/ppgukreading/. Moreover, your contribution to the guthi is not limited to your professional skill. Eg. professionally you might be involved with health care but if you are interested and talented to make Newah food, please feel free to include that in the section below as well.